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Sunday, 20 January 2013

What I've been upto.

Good evening everyone. Hope you are all safe and warm. It's just started to snow again here although we haven't had as much of it over the weekend as some of you.

We've had a lovely weekend, we all really enjoyed the film UP last night. Aww! it really is a lovely film. Then we were up bright and early this morning, got all bundled up and went out sledging. Bradley loved it, his little face was a picture. We were going to build a snowman but the snow wasn't playing. It just wouldn't stick together. Then back home for a sausage butty & a hot chocolate. :o)

After Sam picked up Bradley I decided to have a change round and a sort out in my craftroom. It has taken me the rest of the day but I'm really pleased with it. So here are a couple of pics, it could be quite a while before it's this tidy again.

Hope you all have a really lovely evening, I'm off to catch up with your  lovely blogs and watch the telly. 

Ooh! the snow is really coming down now!



  1. Your room looks fab Donna. So organised! Sounds like you had a great day too!

    PS. Did you get the images I emailed you? Trish xxx

  2. WOW Donna, I thought I had a lot of stuff he-he. Tidied mine last week & chucked 4 bin bags of stuff. Need to sell loads too.
    Yours looks a fab space to spend the afternoon x
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  3. Hi! sounds like a fun Sunday Donna :))
    Wow your craft room is amazing and soooo tidy- love it.

  4. Wow Donna your craft space is amazing I'd love to have a dedicated space but unfortunately there isn't the room :(

    Its been snowing here for most of the day but its been very fine and sort of slushy stuff that wasn't really settling until about an hour ago - I'm wondering what we will wake up to tomorrow morning.

  5. fabulous space donne...

    jen xxxx

  6. It sounds like you have had a lovely weekend Donna.
    Your craft space looks fabulous, it looks like a lovely place to be!!
    Hugs Sue

  7. i'm so jealous!! looks fab x

  8. Lots of snow here too. What a fab room, thanks for sharing. I love to see how everyone stores stuff. Love the Gorjuss girls.

  9. Wowwwww Donna you have a terrific craft room, you are very lucky my dear, you have a wonderland space:))
    I have half table in the sitting room and many boxes here and there:))
    Big hug,

  10. Sounds like you've had a wonderful day.

    What a fantastic crafting space and so organised. Hugs Lynne xx

  11. Mamma mia che paradiso.....mi sembra di sognare.....quanta abbondanza!!!!!!luce per i miei occhi

    Ciao da Ale

  12. OMG Donna - what a fabulous craft room - so tidy and well organised. A great day's work!
    Sylvia xx

  13. Oh I'm turning green!!!! Actually my tiny space is snug and I'm sure by the time my DH is able to put in my work table and shelves I will love it. Your cream drawers look exactly like mine Donna, mine are Ikea. Yours looks really well organised and very spacious. Hugs P x

  14. Your room is looking great, Donna. I'm just about to put all the "stuff" back in my room after our renovation... I've got to say the wall units look lovely and tidy EMPTY - almost seems a shame to put all my stuff back, well, ALMOST lol. It's a bit overwhelming seeing all those bits and pieces looking for a home, but seeing your room has inspired me to get into it :-) Donnna xx

  15. Love your fab craft room Donna, you have lots of surface space to create.
    We've had lots so snow too, I hope the schools are open here today!

  16. Wow Donna, you have a fab craft room!I bet you are worn out after your morning in the snow and all that tidying up.


  17. OMG what a wonderful craftroom :o)
    Jackie xx

  18. Wow wow Donna what a fantastic craft room you have, I would love to have a room that size, unfortunatel mine is a quarter of the size of yours, it's so tidy too, I tidied mine yesterday afternoon too, so at least it's spotless at the moment.

    Sound like you had loads of fun, we haven't had any snow since Friday, it's not going very quick though it's freezing outside.

    Hugs Julie xx

  19. Wow! These pics are great.. I need you!! everything looks so well planned:) even after I've tided, I still can't find anything lol!!
    Lots more snow here in Donny this morning, they have even closed the schools!.. doesn't stop me from going to work though as I'm only a 10 minute walk away :(...
    Have a good week hun..

  20. Wow Donna, what a lovely Craft room, so tidy and organised and you have lots of space for's lovely. I love all your boxes and containers and of course, your gorguss girls too :) Have a good week, Big Hugs, Teresa xxx

  21. Oh, looks at all those goodies - thanks for sharing Donna!

  22. Wow what a fabulous craft room you have! Glad you had a great day with your little grandson....shame it was the wrong snowman building snow though.....hope Bradley wasn't too disappointed :)

  23. wow what a craft room donna.its HUGE!!!!!1

    xx coops xx

  24. Wow Wow Wow Donna, I'm so jealous, your room is absolutely amazing!! You are so lucky!
    Debbie x

  25. OMG I LOVE your craftroom, can I move in please?
    I do have a craftroom but it is more serviceable than well stocked and pretty like yours :)
    I could just go for a sausage butty and a hot choc right now ;)

  26. Oh my word, what a fantastic craft room you have there Donna! It must be really pleasant to sit there to create your beautiful cards. Love those UK boxes you have there, they look awesome! Big hugs, Ira xox

  27. What a fab Craft room, I am so envious :0 I work in the lounge(dining end) as we don't have room. I need a bigger bungalow :(
    No wonder you call your blog
    My Happy Place. I would spend all my time keeping it tidy and get no crafting
    Hugs Mau xx

  28. Wow Donna your craft room is looking fab!!!!!

  29. I love your craft room Donna, I am working on mine that's if B&Q ever get the bookshelves delivered 3 weeks I have been waiting LOL!!!


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